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Open to anyone

Some elements of the Academy are available to anyone, including people outside our portfolio interested in learning or contributing to the exciting challenge of scaling digital businesses. If that is you, then sign up below.

So often it’s about getting the sales and marketing right – there’s a method and a science to strong sales and marketing, just like anything else. Whether e-commerce sales, inside sales, field sales, key account sales, major contract sales, channel sales, or partner sales, there are proven methods to increase success rates and scale effectively. This is an area of our Academy that is rich in know-how

Why you need it

Surveys by Enterprise Research has shown that only 6% of UK companies with more than 10 employees at the start of a 3 year period, grow at more than 20% per annum over that period, and only 2% of start-ups grow to a revenue of over £1 million by the end of the 3 years.

According to a long-term study by CB Insights in the US, 68% of VC-backed companies fail along the way and only 3-4% achieve an exit over $50 million.

The start-up phase is about creating something from nothing, but the next scaling phase is full of fresh risks and challenges, requiring new skills and approaches. Not only must the business invest and grow, but it must also transition and mature at the same time. Sales and marketing must become world class. It’s a tough challenge and many companies stumble or fail along the way.

  • Who is the Academy for?

    • Business owner-managers, CEOs & senior managers.

    • Companies approaching or in the scale up phase, with c.£1-£10m revenues.

    • B2B digital sectors spanning software, content and services, and operating in developed global technology markets such as the UK, US, Europe, and the Nordics.

  • What's provided for public users?

    • ScaleUp Capital's best practice and learnings from experts and leaders, through live and recorded webinars.

    • Library of ScaleUp Capital podcasts on specific, practical topics, such as reducing customer acquisition costs and maximising customer lifetime value.

    • Curation of third-party articles, books, case studies and white papers, all focused on scale-up challenges and best practice.

Our Academy
is launching in 2022

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