Are you a founder, business owner or CEO looking to scale your business? Then you're in the right place.

Our Platform and Programme will ensure your scale-up is a success.

Scaler Programme

Our Scaler Programme is a proven, step-by-step methodology for scaling up. Over 20 years, all our partners have grown, all have become stronger and many have taken off.

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ScaleUp Platform

The ScaleUp Platform has every best practice tool, resource, expert and service provider that you will need. Become a partner and it is all available to you.

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We offer flexible deal structures to meet your needs...

Outright sale

For those owners who want to sell outright to someone who is going to love and build on your legacy and take your business up to the next level.


Raise growth capital

We will provide equity investment to help you build, grow faster and get to profitability.

Best of both worlds

We can allow you to derisk by taking money off the table now as well as providing growth capital to support the business to an exciting joint exit in 3-6 years time.  This is a very popular and fairly unique option.

Portfolio Performance

  • 61%

    Averaging 61% year-on-year sales growth vs c. 25% beforehand

  • 5x

    Averaging >5x return on investment

  • 0

    0 investment losses in over 18 years

“ScaleUp Capital were invaluable in supporting us & optimizing our sales and marketing to ultimately achieve a 7x increase in revenues”

Al Bird, CEO Knowledge Pool

More than financiers, we are an all-in-one scale-up partner

We have helped scale up many digital businesses and learned lessons every time – lessons you will profit from.

No investment losses in 18 years, funding and supporting each business through thick and thin, achieving a higher valuation on exit every time. Partnering with us is a reliable route to success.

Flexible, Pragmatic, Direct – creating value
at speed

We find ways to meet the personal goals of every shareholder, whether it’s to exit, de-risk, repay debt, fund growth and expansion, or acquire other businesses.

We focus on what matters and move fast to complete deals in weeks, not months. We don’t need everything about your business to be perfect: underlying business quality and potential excite us.

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