Our model is centred around providing tailored support to help you refine your go-to-market strategy, navigate execution challenges and drive value.

We are here to help you succeed, in whatever way we can.

ScaleUp Leadership

We are led by entrepreneurs and operators who have lived and breathed the journey of owning and growing businesses. They become your trusted sounding board, always available to offer guidance on seizing the biggest opportunities and navigating common challenges.


Expert Network

A select group of exceptional, functional experts and practitioners, including former CROs, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, and more. These are experienced people who we know and trust, they have been there and done it before, available to give you advice, mentorship, and support for critical projects.

Growth Team

Our in-house Growth Team consists of experienced strategy and go-to-market consultants, talent experts, and finance specialists who act as on-tap resource and “phone-a-friend” to support you/your team. Their focus is supporting our portfolio, rolling their sleeves up whenever management require.



Engaging external partners can create risk and delay. From recruiters to marketing agencies, training providers, and engineering houses, we’ve curated and vetted a selection of high-quality service providers that we can introduce as and when required.

How we can support

  • 01.Go-To-Market

    We help you identify your market sweet spot, sharpen your value proposition and messaging, and refine the product roadmap.

    With a refined go-to-market plan, we help you to put in place best practice skills, culture, processes and systems for world-class sales and marketing. The aim is to turbocharge your customer acquisition and retention.

  • 02.Talent

    Support with organisational development and recruitment of the very best talent into senior roles and other key positions.

    Our expert network can also help to plug short-term gaps and/or provide you with pragmatic advice, contributing to a successful scale-up journey.

  • 03.Performance & Governance

    Enhanced performance management with improved processes, systems and infrastructure.

    By helping you put in place effective management reporting and KPI tracking, it gives you the information you need when you need it, to optimise performance as the business grows.

See how this all worked for Kooth

“The potential for Kooth to expand was massive and ScaleUp Capital were the right investor to help make it happen.”

Elaine Bousfield, Founder of Kooth

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