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We are providing the opportunity for ScaleUpX members to co-invest with us into established growth companies in the UK and European B2B technology sector.

ScaleUp typically invests c.£6-£8 million into each new scale-up, making 3-5 new investments per year.

ScaleUpX members can participate alongside and on the same investment terms as our Fund, with individual cheque sizes between £50k and £500k.

As a specialist scale-up PE Fund with a 20 year track record*, c£150 million AUM and deep sector knowledge in B2B technology, we are proud to have delivered strong historic performance for our investors.

ScaleUpX is only being made available to investors that are professional clients and not retail clients nor retail customers (as defined by the FCA).

Past & Current Investments


The ScaleUp Capital way is about being more than just investors – we provide hands-on support, expertise and resources via our Scaler Programme and Platform to help turbocharge the next generation of technology scale-ups.

ScaleUpX members are part of our family and ecosystem and they too support our portfolio via paid formal NED, Chair, advisory & mentoring roles or just informally by sharing ideas, dealflow and management candidates.

This is an opportunity for experienced operators, sector experts, and investors to collaborate, share, learn, and grow their portfolios while applying their skills to support the growth of ambitious scale-ups.

If you are interested in learning more, please do get in touch.


*Please note that past performance is not a guide to future performance. ScaleUpX invests in unlisted illiquid companies and there is a risk you may not get back the capital originally invested.

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