Over the past 18 years, Root Capital has invested in and helped to scale more than 15 digital businesses. During this time, we’ve developed a reliable, repeatable and successful scaling methodology that can help to accelerate any emerging B2B company in the software, content and services sectors.

In this period, our portfolio has delivered an average year on year sales growth of 35%, compared to less than 10% before our investment. We have not had a single failure, with all investments making a positive return with an average ROI of 5x across the portfolio.  Recent successes include the IPO’s of Kooth plc and Keystone Law Group plc.

However, we began to feel that our own name of Root Capital didn’t truly reflect what we do. We specialize solely in scale-ups, which are neither start-ups nor mature companies. We plug the gap between venture capital and private equity.  We help companies grow from revenues of £1-10 million to revenues of £10-50 million.  It’s a unique and critical phase in the development of every company because it’s not only a time of rapid growth, but also of growing up, professionalizing and transitioning from being loss-making to profitable.

Our CEO, Simon Philips said:

During the scale-up phase many businesses require more than just funding, they require proven scaling expertise and a methodology. We provide all three. We are excited to continue our journey as ScaleUp Capital and working with exciting businesses as well as talented individuals to scale the next cohort of incredibly successful businesses. 

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