The Times has featured Digital Theatre in their ‘Bouncing Back’ series. Learn more about the revival of Digital Theatre following our investment in 2015.

“Looking back, Neelay Patel, chief executive of Digital Theatre, concedes that the business was far too ambitious when it launched in 2009. The founders of the company believed that there would be huge demand for screenings of theatre performances in people‚Äôs own homes but the idea was ahead of its time.

By 2015 it looked as if Digital Theatre would collapse completely. Then its founders were introduced to ScaleUp Capital, an investment company that specialises in funding small digital businesses. It bought the company for an undisclosed sum and repositioned it as a platform providing educational content to schools and universities.

Patel, who joined in 2019, says that the company had an average annual growth rate of about 50 per cent since 2015 and today Digital Theatre has 3,000 subscribers in 98 countries.”

Read the full article here.


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