We recently held a dinner for policy-makers, investors, start-ups and established tech companies to discuss the best ways to help UK companies scale up.

Hosted by ScaleUp Capital CEO Simon Philips and former technology minister Lord Vaizey, the dinner explored different routes to scale. Neira Hajio, the head of Fuel at McKinsey, outlined research that shows that European companies still receive lower funding from investors than their US counterparts.  Simon Philips outlined the four key elements which lie at the heart of a company’s success, this is described further in our:

Blueprint for scaling up

Neira Haijo commented: “This was a great opportunity to present McKinsey’s work in this area, and show how we are assisting companies to address the common challenges they face – investment, fragmented markets, talent and other issues.  Spending time examining these issues with founders was extremely useful.”  Lord Vaizey, who chaired the discussion, said “For as long as I have been involved in technology policy, scaling up in the UK and Europe has been a big issue.  In some ways the problem is fixing itself, but there are also ways policy-makers can intervene.  It’s great that ScaleUp Capital are hosting these round tables to provide an open discussion around the key components of successful scaling”.

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