Learn why our unicorn obsession is holding us back from an even bigger opportunity. 

“The UK should be proud of the unicorns it has produced. Particularly as the total is now more than Germany, France and Sweden combined. There is, however, a problem with our unicorn obsession: it is holding us back from investing in and scaling the other 99% of small tech businesses which are often overlooked by investors who are all chasing the next Revolut, Cazoo or Deliveroo.

The UK is 3rd in the world for startups, but only 13th for scale-ups which suggests a lot of worthwhile startups are stumbling at the crucial point where they need to scale.

If given the right funding and support at this stage, they could grow to become profitable, sustainable businesses. Some could even become the “tech titans” the UK strives to create. Together, they could employ more people and contribute more to the economy than a hypergrowth unicorn.

The UK is a great place to startup. Let’s make it a great place to scale-up too.”

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