Subscription-based digital education platform for English and the performing arts for schools and universities globally.

Business Situation

We met Digital Theatre at a challenging time after significant VC funds had already been exhausted trying to build out a B2C Netflix for theatre.  With run-rate revenues of less than £1 million and no growth, a new direction and strategic plan was needed alongside fresh funding.

The Journey

Having acquired the business outright, we pivoted from B2C to B2B and the market in schools and universities augmented the platform with far more educational content. We built out a new B2B sales and marketing team, whilst strengthening management along the way, resulting in significant year on year growth as well as bringing in new co-investment partners to continue the expansion path.

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Key Achievements

  • 80%

    Year-on-year increase in revenue

  • 4m

    User base of over 4 million students

  • 65

    Used globally across 65 countries

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