Provider of managed learning services, outsourcing of training departments, to the corporate sector.

Business Situation

KnowledgePool was the training division of Fujitsu (ICL), providing a wide and confused range of training related services and products to a small number of external clients with no clear growth strategy.

The Journey

By closing, spinning off or selling the non-core or unattractive activities, we focused solely on the high growth emerging sweetspot of managed learning services, invested in proprietary technology and recruited a new team to scale a UK market leader in this new and growing market, increasing revenues from £7 to £50 million with significant profits before a successful trade exit.

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“ScaleUp Capital were invaluable in supporting us & optimizing our sales and marketing to ultimately achieve a 7x increase in revenues”

Al Bird, CEO of Knowledge Pool

Key Achievements

  • 7x

    7x revenue growth