Supporting content moderators across the globe with best-in-class wellbeing solutions.

Business Situation

Zevo Health holds a prominent position as a provider of wellbeing support within the Trust & Safety sector. “Trust and Safety” refers to the teams responsible for content moderation on social media and other online peer-to-peer platforms, dealing with the challenging task of reviewing and removing harmful user-generated material.

Zevo provides essential assistance to moderators in managing and addressing their wellbeing. Their support services are delivered through a combination of in-person and remote methods, offering a diverse range of resources, including personalised 1:1 counselling, group therapy, training sessions, and digital content.

To date, the business has been bootstrapped; however, following continued growth, the management team felt it was the right time to partner with an investor who could fund and support their next phase of expansion.

The Journey

With a reputation for consistently delivering impactful employee outcomes and as a leader in a growing niche with a clear ‘first mover’ advantage, the business is well-positioned to capitalise on market tailwinds.

We firmly believe that Zevo is now poised to take its growth to new heights within the Trust & Safety sector. The groundwork they have laid, the expertise they have developed, and the commitment they have shown to their clients make it evident that Zevo is ready to embrace a phase of significant acceleration and we are very excited to be part of the journey.

Vist the Zevo Health website here.

“ScaleUp's expertise and financial backing will be instrumental in taking Zevo to the next level”

Richard Murphy - Zevo Health CEO

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