Our platform scales emerging digital businesses at a faster rate with stronger performance.

Scaler Programme

The Scaler Programme not only speeds up growth, but supports organisations through growing pains as they transition to profit and maturity.

In extreme cases, the business might even have stumbled and need revitalising. The Scaler Programme and Academy are designed to help you face these challenges.

Our Strategy, Change Management and Talent Management teams partner with you from start to finish.  The Programme begins with the Foundations and Optimise phases for the first 6-24 months, followed by a Scaling phase for 2-5 years, leading to IPO or exit.

The Playbooks

Most companies at the early stages of their scale-up phase need work; sometimes major transformation, sometimes fine-tuning.

Product-market fit may need sharpening up; technology may need upgrading; sales and marketing may need a (re)boost; management teams may need filling out or skill gaps plugged.

All our know-how is documented in our Playbooks. They are rich in process guides, benchmarks, training materials and practical tips, equipping you with the tools you need to achieve each stage of growth, in a timely and sustainable way.

“The potential for Kooth to expand was massive and ScaleUp Capital were the right investor to help make it happen.”

Elaine Bousfield, Founder of Kooth

What our Scaler Programme does

  • 01.Identify your sweet spot product-market fit.

    Our Scaler Programme is rooted in building a very clear picture of the user cases, the problems being solved, the customer needs, behaviours and the addressable market sizes - then lasering in on the very best market opportunity.

  • 02.Build out your best-in-class product or service.

    From there we invest into and upgrade the product with killer USPs, a sharp elevator pitch, and a knockout value proposition.

  • 03.Drive up sales and
    marketing effectiveness.

    A laser-sharp focus on skills, processes and systems to optimise customer acquisition and customer lifetime value, all supported by a culture that values pace, cohesion, passion and focus.

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